How To Start Your Blog

1.       Pick a name.  Sounds simple, it is not.  You need something that is catchy and unique, but not so unique that people don’t know how to spell it when they are looking for you.

2.       Start with finding your niche.  I am a Lifestyle Blogger and that has evolved over time.  I started as an organizing blogger, then crafts, then added fitness and now lifestyle that encompasses more topics.  To start, you should decide what you are most passionate about and want to write about the most.

3.       Pick a host. I have used almost all of them and Word Press and Square Space are both very easy to use, especially for beginners.  The themes are great, easy to choose and edit yourself. They have options to sell products if that's what you plan to do, as well as connect all your social media channels. 

4.       Buy your domain name.  It’s always more professional to have instead of (for example).  Domains are easy to buy through your host (word press or square space or whoever you chooses).  They are usually about $20 per year.

5. Make sure your blog is in line with your social media.  A lot of bloggers have personal pages, as well as business pages to keep their message consistent.  I am my own brand, so my personal and business mix well. 

6. Start writing.  As a general guide, I would have 3 - 5 post ready to go before you launch. 

7. Be consistent.  Honestly, it is still something I am working on. You want to write quality post as often as you can. 

8. Sign up for blogger reviews.  Staring out, you will need to write in exchange for product or tickets or exposure.  You won't get paid post right away, you will need to build a following and audience. 

9. Promote yourself using hashtags.  I've been accused of using too many hashtags and that's not a thing! Hashtags are how brands find you, how people find you when search for your niche. USE ALL THE HASHTAGS! 

10. Go! “They blew out a breath and did the thing all heroes must do—they took that terrifying first step.” 
― Chloe NeillMidnight Marked

So, This is 40?!


I will admit, I have definitely been having a whoa is me pity party.  This is not the life I planned or where I saw myself when I turned 40. 

I could not have predicted that, I'd be a divorced, single Mom of three, working 2 jobs, writing a book, publishing a blog and having zero love life(more about that in a future blog).

I thought I'd still be married, I thought maybe I'd be doing more TV, I knew I'd be working full time, since all the kids are in school and my stay at home mom life would end, I knew I'd have a kid graduating and 1/3 of the nest would be empty. Other than that, I hadn't really looked that far past the big 4-0.

Now that I'm here, it is time to forget about the life I planned and start making the most of the life I have. 

Most people do a vision board at New Year's, but I have always started my vision board on my birthday. To be honest, I already started planning my 2017 in September. This year of 40 will the best decade yet, at least that's what all my friends have told me. I will say, I do feel the most comfortable in my skin. I am not sure if that is age or the work I've put in on being fit,  healthy and doing things on purpose. 

My vision board includes a ton of things,too many to list,but some of them:

Tops on that list- travel. There are lots of places I want to go, but first on the list is a beach. Maybe back to Cali or Hawaii, but the beach is definitely calling. 

Next - saving. Since, I'm getting older retirement is on the brain.  If it wasn't on my mind because of this birthday,  we can just say seeing Luke Perry on the cover of AARP cut like a knife! 

Do this splits - again. I used to be able to drop down and do the splits with ease. Those days are gone, but I'm still pretty flexible and plan to be able to do them again this year! Of course, there will be social media post when that happens! 

I won't bore you with too many more,but lastly - alone time.

There is just not a lot of it to go around. I know it won't always be this way, that kids do grow up and soon my nest will be totally empty. I also know that you can't pour from an empty cup,so taking care of me is on the list.

So, this is me - at 40. Ready to begin a new decade and excited for all the new dreams and promise it brings with it. 


All Things Mikita

Today, I launch my new blog. In a lot of ways it is perfectly me and in others it is what I aspire to be. This blog is a fresh start. A clean slate and a canvas to create exactly what I want. 

 I have started over a time or two in my. Well, 5 or 10 if I'm being honest and there is always a peace that comes with a fresh start. In my quest to reset, I started doing some research and study. I wanted to know how and why people start over. A googled, I asked some of my most deeply spiritual friends, I read and I meditated. 

One of the cleansing rituals that spoke to me was smudging. The practice of burning sage to "smudge" or clean a space. 

I won't lie, when I started this re-brand my whole damn life needed to be smudged. 

I figured could not hurt and maybe I'd learn something in the process. I Googled where to buy my smudge stick (found it at whole foods) and I began. 

I opened my windows, turned on my fan. 

Lit the smudge stick, then blew out the fire. Watched it smoke (much like you did with incense back in the day).

Walked through my room and set my intention for my space. 

Waved it over my lap top and said my intention for my blog. 

Finally, I cupped the smoke and pushed it around my body and said my prayer for myself. 


I know, it sounds way left. Total hippy and weird. I don't know if it was the quiet, the smoke or saying my intentions,but I immediately felt calm. Settled. Ready to open this new chapter. 

I'm not telling you to go smudge, but I will say, your words, prayers and thoughts have power. It is my goal to be intentional in my words for this blog and I think the smudging was a perfect start.


This blog will of course have the product reviews, weight loss tips, a giveaway or 2, beauty and fashion stuff that most blogs contain. It is also my hope that some of my words inspire you, provoke your thoughts and maybe motivate you to pursue your passion. 


Welcome to All Things Mikita.