All Things Mikita

Today, I launch my new blog. In a lot of ways it is perfectly me and in others it is what I aspire to be. This blog is a fresh start. A clean slate and a canvas to create exactly what I want. 

 I have started over a time or two in my. Well, 5 or 10 if I'm being honest and there is always a peace that comes with a fresh start. In my quest to reset, I started doing some research and study. I wanted to know how and why people start over. A googled, I asked some of my most deeply spiritual friends, I read and I meditated. 

One of the cleansing rituals that spoke to me was smudging. The practice of burning sage to "smudge" or clean a space. 

I won't lie, when I started this re-brand my whole damn life needed to be smudged. 

I figured could not hurt and maybe I'd learn something in the process. I Googled where to buy my smudge stick (found it at whole foods) and I began. 

I opened my windows, turned on my fan. 

Lit the smudge stick, then blew out the fire. Watched it smoke (much like you did with incense back in the day).

Walked through my room and set my intention for my space. 

Waved it over my lap top and said my intention for my blog. 

Finally, I cupped the smoke and pushed it around my body and said my prayer for myself. 


I know, it sounds way left. Total hippy and weird. I don't know if it was the quiet, the smoke or saying my intentions,but I immediately felt calm. Settled. Ready to open this new chapter. 

I'm not telling you to go smudge, but I will say, your words, prayers and thoughts have power. It is my goal to be intentional in my words for this blog and I think the smudging was a perfect start.


This blog will of course have the product reviews, weight loss tips, a giveaway or 2, beauty and fashion stuff that most blogs contain. It is also my hope that some of my words inspire you, provoke your thoughts and maybe motivate you to pursue your passion. 


Welcome to All Things Mikita.