My Life, Needs Sneakers

My crazy busy life requires tennis shoes! But not just any shoe will do. Black (because that’s my favorite color) and a little sparkle too!

Rack Room Shoes has become my go to for trendy athletic shoes for the children and I for this holiday season.

My children are picky about their shoes and at this point they are all wearing adult sizes- even the 8 year old! Luckily we can always find something fashionable, on trend and affordable at Rack Room.

All of the kids picked a shoe from Nike. The boys wanted red and the girl wanted black and their cute style choices can be found here:

Nike Women's Tanjun:

Nike Men's Tanjun:

I went with the converse and they have glitter!!! All girls need a little glitter for the holidays!

Converse Women's:

Rack Room Shoes has great sales and sometimes you can even catch a BOGO (restrictions apply)!

Since the store in my area has opened, it is my go-to destination for budget-friendly footwear. This holiday season, my kids are wearing all the fun, trendy athletic styles.

If you head over to my Instagram page, you have a chance to win a $100 gift card to shop at Rack Room. The give away will be live on 12/1/2018 and close on 12/7/2018. Winner announced via Instagram and chosen at random.

As much as I want to be cute, I also need comfort to keep up with my kid’s schedules and I think I found the perfect fit.

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Athletic Shoes for the Whole Family  

All The Shoes

Rack Room shoes just opened near me and the timing was perfect! My kiddos start school this week and school shoe shopping is something on that check list. Shopping for shoes for a family of 4 can get pretty expensive, but again Rack Room to the rescue! They are always having a sale or special going, so picking up 4 pair in 1 night didn't break the bank! 

Some of you have seen my children and you know they are pretty giant kids, so we don't get to save money buying "kids shoes".  They need adult sized and Rack Room has all of their favorite brands - mine too! We ended up with 2 pairs of NIke, a pair of Vans and Converse!

I spent about 30 minutes looking at the wall of Converse and with all the colors, I still ending up choosing white. 



Head to Rack Room to see what sale they have and you'll be able to get all your back to school shoe shopping done in one place.  If you have picky kids like I do, this is a major accomplishment. If you know the sizes and want to avoid the store all together, their online selection is just as great and sales still apply! Currently, buy one get one 50% off and that just can't be beat!



*Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post. All thoughts and opinions are mine. Please refer to my legal tab for any other questions.