bout a year and a half ago(August 2015) I snapped some pics of me in a sports bra and workout pants and was shocked at belly! 
Yes, I'd lost a lot of weight and was happy with my progress, but whoa...the belly flab was shocking.
Of course, I look crazy in the pics (my bathroom mirror is dirty) because I really had no intention of sharing them.
Around November(right before I turned 39), my weight loss goals really picked up steam and was hitting them all. I decided to see if I could get a flat stomach by 40, thus started the hashtag #FlatBy40.

So, let's get into it.  I'm just going to tell you the things you know, but don't want to hear and are really hoping there is another way.  There isn't.  Or I would have found it. 


*Drink water, lots of it. Like lots.  If you think you drink enough, you don't drink more. 

*Eat veggies with every meal.  Every meal, even breakfast. There are a ton of free recipes and meal plans online and bloggers who talk & post about their meals only.  I don't do that, but they are easy to find if you need guidance in that area.  One of my favorites is Oh She Glows -http://ohsheglows.com/ she even has some guidelines for vegan, gluten free and other specific diets. 

*Exercise.  I don't mean you have to train for a marathon, but you need to get off your ass! I aim for 10,000  steps a day.  That's just steps, not my workout. 

I feel like this will be one of the last times I write about my weight loss...well at least until I hit the 100 pounds lost club!