I Do What I Want

It is my theme for this year. I usually have a word, I very rarely ever make resolutions but over and over I find myself saying, I do what I want. 

It started as my response to the whole curated Instagram feed, using the same filter, getting professional pictures taken and the allgorythm that every Influenster talks about. It drives me nuts, so I just started posting whatever I want, whenever I want. There are definitely some sponsored posts, because money is money but for the most part I feel like people are here because they like to see glimpses of my life and that’s where they connect with me. 

Cut to the last couple of weeks and me sharing more of my yoga. I stopped for a while because sometimes the creepers can get obnoxious and it’s exhausting blocking people and getting unsolicited penis pictures.  🙄

However, I posted last week and almost all of my messages were from women. All kinds of women across the country, women with bodies like mine and some not, but every message was encouraging. It was that they were inspired or happy to what could be accomplished with some dedicated practice and to see someone who looks like me doing yoga.   That’s the moment I decided to do what I want. I decided that the few creepers I have to block is nothing compared to the women I’m inspiring and encouraging. 

I practice in shorts or underwear because I’m at home and it’s comfortable. If you take my Sunday class, I’ll have on pants, but again, I do what I want- I’m at home.  

Please don’t let the little squares on Instagram fool you, I am not a small girl. If you know me in real life, you know the curves go on for days. The fact that I can get all that ass off the ground and over my head is not something I take lightly.  Doing yoga has been this wonderful, freeing, learning what my body can do type  thing for me and I am enjoying sharing my journey with you.  Hopefully showing you that size, shape, age doesn’t matter, everyone can do it - if they want to. 

You will see me, in my short-shorts practicing  & pushing the limits of my body. I post for accountability and documentation of progress and because I do what I want. 😉


Every Effin’ Day!

This is for my fellow Type A, OCD people and everyone else who does not subscribe to my make a list philosophy.  I have found what I think to be a happy medium of Super OCD (insert my face) and F*ck it all!

If you tuned out when I said list, let me bring you back.  This “Every Effin’ Day” is easy! Like nothing on this list should take more than 10 minutes.  If it does, it does not belong on this particular list.  If you can’t possibly see yourself doing it after working an 8 hour day, then don’t put it on this list. Now that your are back with me, let’s talk about the goal.

The ultimate goal of this list is to accomplish 5 or 6 things EVERY EFFIN’ DAY to improve the quality of your life in small but impactful ways. Even if you have a mostly crap day, there are 5 or 6 things that you have accomplished and so this day is not a complete wash.  And if we are getting deeper in to the phycological part of this, the most effective way to change your life/habits is to do something small each and Every Effin’ Day!

How To Get Started:

·         You can do this on your phone, but I love post-it notes! It is the perfect size to fit your 5 items and you can stick it somewhere you will see it. Mirror, dashboard, computer, back of your phone.

·         Write your 5 or 6 things down.

·         Do Them!

That’s it! What 5 or 6 things are you doing ‘Every Effin’ Day”?

What is the smallest possible action that will make you feel like you’re on top of it?

Examples: Wear perfume, spend 5 minutes deleting emails, check your bank account balance, pick out your clothes for the next day, clean off your desk before you leave.

What is the smallest possible action that will make your space feel less stressful?

Examples: make your bed, run the vacuum for 5 minutes, open the window while getting ready to get some fresh air, lint roll your furniture, throw away junk mail on the table.

What is the smallest possible action that will make your feel healthier. Examples: drink 2 glasses of water, eat a fruit/veggie, stretch 5 minutes before bed, add a daily vitamin.

What is the smallest possible action that will make you feel better emotionally? Examples: give a compliment, look at facebook memories, send a text to someone you don’t talk to all the time, take 5 deep breaths, listen to your favorite song.


These are just examples because maybe drinking water and eating vegetables are a no brainer for you. Maybe you make your bed every single day. The goal should be specific to you, just you and the overall goal of incorporating new habits and feeling like you’ve accomplished something Every Effin’ Day!



Wondering what’s on my list:

·         Drink 1 bottle of water before I have coffee. Sounds super simple, but honestly I fail most days! I am mostly made of coffee.

·         Read something for 10 minutes that is not on a screen. Book, newspaper (yes, actual real hard copy newspaper).

·         Engage with 3 posts on Instagram.

·         Make my bed (again it’s so simple but something I struggle to do every day).

·         Give a compliment to someone (I do this a lot, especially in an office full of new people).

·         Pick out clothes for the next day (mine and the little boy)

None of this is earth shattering and could really all be done in about 45 minutes, but that’s the point. It should be easy, almost too easy to get done. You want to accomplish it EVERY EFFIN’ DAY!

 Tell me, what are you putting in your “Every ‘Effin Day” List?