Hi!!! Yes, I still blog...it’s been a minute. My work life balance has been off and my desire to write has been non-exsistent.  

Summer is here and I’m hoping it renews passion for some of the things I love.

With that, I’ve created a list

{no matter how my creative side shows, my OCD always takes over}. 

#MySummerAmbition : 

- Finish/get into production my new “dad hat”

- Create Innovative summer segments for Mom Monday’s on Fox 4

- Family Vacation

- 10 things on my kid’s summer bucket list

- Grow my garden - by grow I mean, try not to kill the 8 plants I started growing

- Wear very little makeup  

- Time on the beach

- Finish my journal/planner  

- Spend lots of time in these overalls



I want to know what your summer ambition is, what’s on your list?