New Year's, New Money and Saving

f you are anything like me you’ve set 1 or 2 new year's resolution, maybe even 5 like I have! Behind shedding a few extra pounds and getting organized, the main resolution for me is to save money! It is not always easy to do when you are on a tight budget, so I researched a couple of app to help me save and make a little extra money for my children’s college savings accounts.


First up is an app called Achievement (search it) and it connects with your other fitness apps. It tracks your steps or food and you earn points – which turns into money!

Next is Decluttr (no, that’s not misspelled) it pays you for you old CD’s, DVD’s, Bluerays, video games and old cell phones. You can get rid of your clutter and make some cash!

This may be my favorite and fitting, since we are talking about saving for college.  It’s called Bookscouter (again search it).  You just type in your old college text books ISBN number and site will connect you with people who need to buy the book!

3 easy ways to make a little extra cash and take simple steps to save.  COUNTRY Financial has helped me see how easy it is to put a little bit of money away and how it can quickly build to a terrific college savings account for my children.  Want to learn more?  Visit www.countryfinancial/simplesteps or watching this video and be inspired to save: 



*This is my final blog in my partnership with COUNTRY Financial.  I was compensated for my review of their services.  All thoughts, opinions and words are 100% mine.