The Gift of Cash

My son heads off to college this weekend and while he will only be a couple of hours away, he won't be close enough for me to hand him cash as he walks out the door like I do now. 

I just partnered with Groupon and I am finding so many deals!  The one I am taking advantage of today is the American Express Gift Card.  There are 9 coupons available today to purchase cards.  You can get free shipping, no service charges and free personalized cards to name a few.  See all the options here:

There will probably be a few other deals that catch your eye, as Target, Amazon and Nordstrom all have great deals going on right now. 

For me, this is the perfect option to get him a card that I can easily put money on without connecting it to my bank account.  He can use it just like a credit card or easily get cash.  I am excited for him to being this adventure to college and a little relived that I can easily get him money as he needs it.