All The Lego Fun!


Since he was a baby, my Noah just had to tag along and go where ever the big kids went.  Ball games, gymnastics, cheer and anything else, he just had to go with it.  So, now that he's 7, any time I have a chance to do something just for him, I jump at the chance. 

My future engineer loves Lego and KC Brick Fest Live was the perfect event just for him...I made the big kids go too! US Family Guide sponsored our visit to see the thousands of Lego creations at the KCI Expo Center.  

Brick Fest is full of creations made by Master Builders, bricks to play with and create your own work of art.  There are popular movie characters and local landscape recreations that are perfect for a photo opportunity.  There are lots of tables and exhibits for kids to play and create.  Our favorite was the black light glow in the dark bricks! We spent most of the time there and I'm still trying to figure out a good reason to buy a black light for the house.  They were so cool! 

The big kids had fun too with mini-golf and playing bot bumper cars.  To top it off, there were Star Wars characters walking around and my Noah was way excited to take a picture with a Storm Trooper! 

If Brickfest Live comes to your city, you won't want to miss it! 

Visit LEGO Fan Fest for tickets: