Switch to Body Armor

Yeah, already done! When a cooler full of Body Armor Lyte showed up for me to review and convince my kids that they were better than other sports drinks, it took 2 seconds! He saw the cooler, opened the first, took a sip and asked to have all the rest! I had to convince him to let me try a couple of the flavors (since I was the one reviewing the product)! This review is sponsored by BODY ARMOR, but all writing is my own. 

BODYARMOR just launched BODYARMOR LYTE, which a 20 calorie per serving, naturally sweetened, version of their original. Since my very active kid downed most of supply, I headed to Target to re-stock. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm always on the go. Working, teaching yoga and hanging out with the kids- usually outside. Even though the weather in Kansas can't make up its mind on if it's summer or not, today out in the trail with the kids was hot! We hiked for about 2 miles and were so sweaty when we got back to the car. BodyArmor Lyte was the perfect restore drink. Whenever we plan to do something active, I include a Body Armor with out snacks for the day. The LYTE version hydrates, but keeps my calorie intake down. 

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