Coffee & Protein for the Win!

You guys know I don't believe in magic pills, drinks or shakes, but when I was asked to try out CLICK a protein drink "designed for your everyday coffee pleasure as a meal replacement, healthy snack, and to help manage your weight", I was in! 

I always felt like I was failing getting in a good breakfast because I'm so busy, I rarely have time to eat.  I just drink my coffee (because no one wants to know me without it) and go.  Now that I've been using The mocha flavored protein meal replacement for a few weeks, I feel like I've had breakfast & my coffee. The Mocha flavor is only available in their active line, so you need to have an active lifestyle or train to get the full benefits of this one.

I am not a fan of iced coffee, but if you like it, this drink is perfect.  Since I think coffee should be hot, I make it in the shaker bottle, then pop it in the microwave.  I here it makes a really great blended coffee too.  There are some easy to follow recipes at  

What is has:

Double the benefits of premium protein and coffee to increase energy, maximize performance and recover faster

25 grams of premium fast and slow release protein blend for greater muscle building and fat loss benefits

Glutamine and BCAA's to reduce pain, fatigue, and recovery time

Real espresso coffee (not added caffeine) 

What it does not have:





added sugar

You guys know, I rarely review something without it being something in it for you, so leave a comment under this post of which flavor you would like to try - Mocha  (mocha flavor is on in the active line), Vanilla Latte or Caramel and 1 person will receive a sample canister and shaker bottle!