Give Them College!

My family always ask, “What should we get your kids want for Christmas”.  I usually rattle off the newest toy or video game that they are obsessed with, but this year – I want them to give them College!

I just learned that family members contribute to my children’s college savings.  Let’s be honest, the amount of toys that children get is kind of ridiculous because they only play with them for a few months and then they sit in a toy box. 

What a great opportunity to really give them a gift.  With Country Financial, my family will be able to contribute to my children’s college savings account this year.  I am so excited about the growing savings that will help pay for their college education.  It is one of the simple steps that I didn’t know existed before and makes this saving for college thing so much easier!


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*Disclosure: This blog conversation is part of my on-going partnership with Country Financial.  All opinions and words are 100% mine.