$500 in 30 Days

You would think that having on kid in college already would really prompt me to get on the stick with saving for the other two, but it hasn’t.  Not that it is not in forefront of my brain and I know it really needs to be done, but I have stuff to do!

There are regular bills to pay, there’s the much needed high speed wifi and the weekly coffee dates with my youngest that I am just not willing to sacrifice.  I did a little research and I found a money challenge that helps you save $500 in 30 days!

As I learn more from my partnership with Country Financial, I realize that one of the reasons I’m having trouble saving money is because I don’t have a clear goal in mind and usually end of buying new clothes or something. Not having an end goal in sight is a surefire way to lose the motivation you need to save money or pay off debt. You don’t have to wait to start saving on the first of the month, you can start today and continue for the next thirty days.

The goal is to take the $500 that I save over the next 30 days are put it towards the college savings. Click on the attachment for a printable of the plan.



Want more simple steps to save? Visit: https://info.countryfinancial.com/SimpleSteps?cid=vurl





*Disclosure: This blog is compensated in my partnership with Country Financial.  All words, thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*