7 Reasons you should visit Independence Center for your Holiday Shopping

Let me start by saying that this shopping review almost didn’t happen because I walked in the door by Pet Land and fell in love with a sweet blue-eyed huskie and couldn’t put her down.  She was really so cute and sweet and I wanted to take her home, but I didn’t.  You’ll have to visit my Instagram page to see her little face.  With all my doggie cuddles out of the way, I headed to shop! The follow are the Top 7 reasons your holiday shopping should include Independence Center.


1.       It has all of your (and your children’s) favorite stores.  My daughter’s complete list is from H & M, Forever 21, Claire’s and Pink – so I basically got her entire list marked off. The Coach store and Victoria Secret are on my list, so I picked up a thing or two for myself. They also have a super cool toy store that I could shop for my youngest, therefore avoiding the big boy toy store.

2.       Every store I visited had friendly and helpful staff and let’s just be honest, that does not always happen while you are out shopping, especially around the holidays.

3.       Starbucks. I need coffee to function and even if you don’t drink coffee, I little pick me up from the new Starbucks, right in the middle of the mall is perfect.

4.       Pet Land – if there’s a furry friend on your list, they have what you need and if not, you can just play with the puppies!

5.       A play land! Shopping with kids mostly sucks, but sometimes you have to take them.  When they need a break, you can sit and watch them play.  Connect to wifi and take a little break.

6.       Coupons and sales! The website is full of great deals, so take a look before you head off to shop - http://www.simon.com/mall/independence-center/deals

7.       Last but maybe the best one is a visit to Santa.  It is perfect for those traditional pictures, but here’s the really cool thing – they have a Santa Visit just for any children special needs and their families.  There are a few events and you can see the schedule/reserve your sport here:  https://www.eventbrite.com/o/independence-center-7660709199

To be completely honest, I haven’t been to Independence Center since I was in high school, but I will definitely be heading back to do more shopping!





*Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.  All words, pictures, thoughts are 100% my own.*