Simple Steps for College Savings

I’ve gotten 1 kid off to college and I have 2 more to go.  The first kid has a full-ride football scholarship and I knew he would fairly early on and I didn’t worry too much about saving for college.  I still want him to aware of how much things cost and how import it is to be smart with his money.  Though the scholarship covers majority of his costs, there are still things that have to be paid for that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Now, that he is doing well in his first semester, I am just having to add what he needs into my monthly budget.  I am adding it as an extra expense and in hindsight, if I would have saved a little more, I would be less stressed about his college expenses.

I have about 5 years until the next one goes – 10 years until the one after her, neither of them are that into sports, so I’m going to have to save!  

I partnered with Country Financial to learn what steps I can take to start saving now.  It’s so important for me to have some money saved for the college years, so my children don’t start their adult life with a lot of debit.  It is my hope that my children start to think of how much it costs to attend the college of their choice and learn about saving now.  Learning the best ways to save for college is a good start and should my children become financially literate now.  It just so happens that my youngest will head to college just a few years before I will be looking at retirement and to not have the financial burden of both would be my goal.   The first, simple step I took was filling out this question info sheet to get information tailored to how I need to save.  You can too, by visiting:

As I start to learn more about the simple steps to save, I will be posting what I learn and how you can save too.  Questions?  Drop a comment below if you have college saving question and I will cover it in my next post.   



*Disclosure: This blog is a part of my partnership with Country Financial.  This and future blogs will be compensated.  All words, thoughts, writing and opinions are my own, as always.