Road Trippin' with Magic Sketch

You guys know that my oldest plays college football and with that our Saturdays are spent on the road, driving to games.  Some days it is just flat our miserable for the 7 year old.  Yes, we have smart phones and DVD players, but sometimes drawing is the best way to pass the time.  I was just sent the Magic Sketch Deluxe Kit and we took it on the road Saturday.  I also stopped and bought a new movie because I thought surely it wouldn't be enough to keep him busy, but I was wrong.  He played with it for the entire hour and half on the road.  The Deluxe Kit (found on Amazon here: comes with, Official TV Magic Sketch pad AND protective case, 4 styluses, 60 stencils, 1 roller & 3 stamps!  

He loved tracing with the stencils and the see through screen makes it easy to see what you are drawing.  I didn't tell him that he was practicing his letters and math, but he was.  It's just the perfect size and fit right in my purse.  It is quiet (unlike the games on the phone) and will be perfect to take when we go to the doctor or store. 

The screen is liquid crystal and with the stylus, writes just like pen on paper.  The best part is that it erases with the touch of a button!  That was by far his favorite thing - he kept saying "it deletes the whole page"!  

It would be a great gift this holiday season.  It is easy enough to use for a 3 or 4 year old, but even my 12 year old enjoyed drawing on it.  We have 5 more games to road trip to this season and the Magic Sketch will be on every one of them!